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Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii, Sandee has something few jewelry designers are able to capture in their work...the true essence of love encompassed in each piece. Traveling between Hawaii and Tahiti, Sandee was inspired by the "magical romance" that can only be found in French Polynesia. Tahiti's untouched beauty and spirit transcends each divinely inspired piece.  Infused with pure intention, Sandee creates each design by hand, often after divine guidance.  Her pieces feature delicately chosen Tahitian Black Pearls from the majestic blue  lagoons. Historically known for their healing properties, the Pearls are combined with leather, silk, and chain in unique pieces that are both timeless and chic. With no two pearls alike, every design carries the energy and beauty of the islands: Hawaii & Tahiti.

Embrace the magic of French Polynesia and the Tahitian Black Pearl's unique Aura and Timeless Beauty that is Sandee B...

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